Monday, April 25, 2011

part one

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a collocation of
days in coefficiency or
parallel axon thoroughly presentation-free.

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of soaker hubris,
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remedies waffling oversight
those predilections modestly paradoxical.

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triplicate hedonistic averages,
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those infidel bureaucracies
thank toggling awry blunt deterrents.

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there felicitous nth surplus
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the heaven
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evasive procreations simple as than.


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premeditations of repartee

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thesauri noetic bloom,

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following accuracies

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untiringly vacillate
the reductive anatomies
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incurable theatre intentions

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each notion’s emptiness.

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beveled humility grappling
than scrap nounal
cetacean butter

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nottingham borealis
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avenir bottomless
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strategy frissons blundering alizarin
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the motionless
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otherness aware shelter

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thensome wile
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with surface tension.

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cavalier nothingness
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arundel prescient tolerance

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and peacework

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nouns admissive of verbs and
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egalitarianism the shoemaker
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each nth beige

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a scent of temporary leisure,

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whose evidence trobar each lexical mutiny
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